Since 1995, VTM Group has provided key association management services to some of the world’s most successful trade associations, alliances, standards bodies, professional societies, and non-profit organizations. How can we help you?

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It has been great to work with VTM for more than seven years. Time and time again they have proven they are willing to go above and beyond on behalf of their clients. VTM has truly become a trusted partner of our organization.

- Stephen Balogh, Digital Content Protection, LLC President

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ENERGY STAR Television 7.0 Specification Development

The ENERGY STAR TV 7.0 specification development process is now underway (see and the EPA has proposed a new “Additional Function” called “Thin Client Capability” which would be included on EPA’s Certified Products List. The benefits of the EPA’s proposal are that a TV listed in this way 1) would be seen by consumers as being RVU compliant and 2) might further become eligible for additional consideration in utilities’ energy efficient TV promotions.

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Client Success Story

VTM Group Behind the USB Technology

Challenge: With an install base of more than 10 billion products, USB is the most successful interconnect in the history of personal computing, and VTM has been supporting the USB-IF, the organization behind the technology, since nearly the beginning. Long before most consumers came to rely on USB, VTM was working behind the scenes with the USB-IF to pave the way for the launch of USB 2.0 to the world. We’ve been there as a partner with the USB-IF ever since, through the introduction of Wireless USB, USB 3.0, and numerous enhancements to USB technology.

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