What does VTM Group do?

VTM Group is an Association Management Company (AMC) with a historical presence in the technology standards setting space. We offer a full suite of services, including operational/infrastructure management (including staffing and HR solutions), financial administration, web services, membership and licensing support, event management, PR and strategic communications, and engineering/technical services, to associations large and small.

VTM's services are available á la carte, or as a full package--depending on your needs. VTM's flexibility and scalability sets us apart and helps us provide our clients with reliable services catered specifically to their unique needs.

What are the advantages of hiring an Association Management Company (AMC)?

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) summarizes the advantages of hiring an AMC perfectly: “An association management company typically manages several associations from one company location, providing a wide range of benefits, including shared technology systems, access to expert specialized staff, and shared purchasing power.”

An AMC also saves time and money when compared to a staffing model. Hiring staff automatically imposes overhead costs and exposes the organization to additional liabilities and risks.  

VTM offers a variety of unique solutions tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. In addition to traditional association management services, we work well with existing staff to provide a blended model with project management and a la carte offerings. Our outsourced HR services provide support for hiring staff in addition to an AMC. 

Our unique dual offerings allow our clients to choose the employment model that works best for their business. In return, our clients can focus on what they do best and deliver industry solutions with less operational overhead.

What are the benefits of working with VTM?

VTM’s breadth of services and size allows us the flexibility to tailor services to meet the specific needs of an organization, regardless of their size or needs.  Our vast experience in the SSO space provides expertise which benefits our clients every single day and allows us the chance to successfully guide your organization through its life cycle. We offer services ranging from day-to-day association management to a fully-staffed, in-house PR and strategic communications agency that specializes in technology but also holds a variety of experience to suit any niche industry. 

Does VTM specialize in any particular industry or niche group?

VTM Group was founded in 1995 with a focus in the high-tech standards industry and we continue to build on that expertise today. Standards-setting organizations (SSOs) are typically responsible for developing and promoting a standard which, in its simplest form, is an agreed-upon way of doing something.

Our expertise within the SSO space translates well into support for associations across a wide range of industries, technical or not. Our employees have experience spanning the entire life cycle, from incorporation to dissolution; skills which aren’t specific to only SSOs. Any organization can rely on the organizational management and tools offered by VTM.

How are staff members assigned to each client?

VTM assigns an account manager to each client, in addition to a support team of experts. We analyze the needs of every single client and do our best to strategically align those needs with our available talent.

From PR to membership and licensing support, our account managers have several years of association and consortium experience and are able to offer guidance and strategic direction based on proven best-known methods. We also encourage cross training among our team members to ensure continuity of support.

VTM strives to provide the highest quality of support and to avail ourselves of our clients at a moment’s notice. Our priority is your success, and we structure our support accordingly.

How does VTM work with existing staff?

VTM easily plugs in to a variety of staffing models. We offer assistance with benefit management through our outsourced HR services or we can act as extensions of your existing team with targeted expertise or project support. 

All VTM services can be offered á la carte or on a project basis, so our support will be structured to meet your specific needs and seamlessly integrate with your current staffing model. 

How can VTM help with incorporation and launch?

VTM has guided dozens of organizations through formation and incorporation over the years, so we understand how stressful this time can be. Our experience allows us to offer hands-on support to your steering committee or decision makers, as we work together through the incorporation process.

Traditionally, we offer organizational support and guidance on best known methods to new groups as they come together during incorporation. We can attend and support relevant meetings, serve as a neutral liaison between key players and vendors (e.g. legal counsel), drive  action items and timelines forward, set-up your formal infrastructure (e.g. phone line, bank account(s), etc.), draft policies and procedures, and help with anything else necessary for a successful incorporation.

Additionally, we offer support for all stages of launch activities, including coordination of membership recruitment, development of key messaging documents, press and media engagement, communication strategy, and planning and management of launch events.

We also offer Causeway, an online collaboration tool intended to facilitate communication across the group. It allows for easy access to members via email reflectors and provides a document repository, Wiki, calendar, task tracking and ballot/voting mechanism which enables the group to move forward quickly and cohesively. 

We are a small association. Does VTM work with only large groups?

Not at all. Our clients’ annual budgets range from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, and we provide the same high-quality service, regardless of your bank balance. Services can be tailored to meet your targeted, prioritized needs, and our rates are very competitive. Also, we offer the option of working on a project-only basis, so you can contract with us as your budget allows.

We respect that there are unique considerations for small organizations and are proud to offer the flexibility necessary to help you succeed.  We encourage you to speak with us about your specific needs.

What are the advantages of working with VTM on a retainer basis?

VTM’s retainer model provides associations with a monthly discount on services, continuity of staffing, reliable financial planning, and comfort knowing that you’ll always have our support regardless of the inevitable peaks and valleys of service needs.

Can I work with VTM on a project-only basis, as opposed to a retainer?

Yes, absolutely! Our service model is scalable and clients can pick and choose the services they need for any desired length of time.

How can a client modify their agreement or services?

We’re always happy to discuss adjustments with clients. Our service agreements are termed at one year, but we encourage our clients to keep us updated on the reality of their needs; we’ll do the best we can to align our efforts.

How are expenses and pricing managed?

Our services are priced based on the anticipated time necessary to keep your organization running optimally, factored against a competitive hourly rate. We listen to your needs, and determine how we can best support your efforts, while maximizing efficiency, to keep your costs down.

VTM never marks up reimbursable expenses, so our clients can track exactly what was spent, without worrying about any administrative charges.

What is Causeway?

Causeway is a collaboration platform developed and managed by VTM Group Web Services. This portal provides users an opportunity to work together in a secure environment utilizing tools such as email reflectors, a document repository, calendaring, voting/ballots, a Wiki page, a task tracker, and others. This solution can be customized to groups large and small and provides an excellent platform when needing to store and share information easily. Check out a demo of the tool at http://causewaynow.com/.

How do I submit a request for proposal (RFP)?

Please refer to our summary of the RFP Process, which provides valuable insight as you work through this effort. We are always interested in hearing from potential clients either via email or phone--please connect with us via our Contact page. We’ll confirm receipt within 24 business hours and then will work to provide a response within your requested timeframe.