Community Outreach

VTM Group employees' commitment expands beyond the office into the greater Portland area with our Community Outreach Program. This program facilitates opportunities for employees to give back to our neighbors by making a donation directly from their paycheck each month. VTM Group rewards their generosity by allowing them to dress more casually than our standard business attire on Fridays.

At the end of each year, employees that participate in the program are given the opportunity to nominate organizations to support and vote for the upcoming year. For 2023, VTM Group employees voted to support the following organizations:

HomePlateHomePlate Logo
HomePlate supports the positive development of young people experiencing homelessness or housing instability through community building, education, access to services and resources, and youth empowerment.

The organization is Washington County's only drop-in center and outreach team designed to support and empower youth experiencing housing instability. In 2013 they served 983 youth, with the help of 700+ volunteers, a staff of 5.0 FTE, and over $300,000 in in-kind donations such as hygiene supplies, clothes, space, time, and donated food. HomePlate is proud of our non-assuming program model that meets youth where they are in order to provide meaningful support and opportunities for growth.

Morrison Child & Family Services
The Mission of Morrison Child & Family Services is to help children, youth, and their families with mental health and substance use challenges while working to prevent those challenges from developing in the first place.

Their Vision is that children, youth, and their families will thrive and achieve their full potential when they benefit from our effective behavioral health and prevention services.

Their Values are reflected in the following Sanctuary Model Commitments:

1. Non-violence (providing physical, emotional, social, and moral safety for all)
2. Emotional Intelligence (managing feelings well for the care-of-others and self)
3. Social Learning (practicing the utmost respect for the ideas of everyone)
4. Democracy (having shared decision making whenever possible)
5. Open Communication (saying what we mean without being mean as we say it)
6. Social Responsibility (ensuring teamwork that includes everyone’s contributions)
7. Growth and Change (co-creating transformation for a hopeful future)
8. Commitment to Equity (ensuring that all feel included and have what they need to survive and thrive)

Store to Door
The mission of Store to Door is to support independent living for Portland area seniors and people with disabilities by providing an affordable, personal, volunteer-based grocery shopping and delivery service. Their vision is for the Portland area to be a community where all seniors and people with disabilities are nourished, included, and can age with dignity in the setting of their own choice.

Store to Door was founded in 1989 when a handful of people living in low-income senior housing, unable to shop on their own, requested assistance from the community. Over the years they have grown to reach hundreds of clients with our weekly service. Today, 100% of their clients are homebound, 90% live alone, 70% are considered low-income and 76% are women.

Over the years, this employee program has donated many boxes of supplies and thousands of dollars to such non-profits as:

  • Community Transition School
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Dougy Center
  • Dove Lewis Animal Hospital
  • Education First
  • Free Geek
  • HEAT Oregon
  • Hurricane Katrina and Indonesian Tsunami Victims
  • Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)
  • Japan Earthquake Relief - Medical Teams International
  • Loaves and Fishes
  • Mercy Corp
  • Morrison Child & Family Services
  • Northwest Medical Teams
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Oregon Humane Society
  • PAL of Beaverton
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Shriners Hospitals for Children
  • Sleep Country School Supplies for Foster Kids
  • Sparrow Clubs USA
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  • Tucker Maxon School
  • With Love

In addition to these organizations, VTM Group employees annually participate in a Holiday Food Basket Drive occurring October through December. Through this effort we collect and build Holiday Food Baskets and small gifts for local families in need. Employees generously donate new clothes, toys, and household supplies and hand deliver the baskets to the families.