In-Person Events – Guidance from a Pandemic Compliance Advisor

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Within the last month, many of our clients have been exploring the option of returning to in-person events. While we’re looking forward to the thrill of hosting in-person events, we are also cautiously planning. VTM is known for acute attention to detail, contingency planning, and flexibility. With the varying COVID-19 restrictions, requirements, and personal comfortability regarding in-person events, there is a lot for us – and any organization holding an in-person event – to consider.

2020: What a Year

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2020 wasn't the year we expected, but we served over 150 clients, donated more than $13,000 to our local community, and more. Read on to learn more about our CEO Reen Presnell's reflections on 2020.

A few days before January 1, 2021 my iPhone notified me of my ‘2020 year in review’ photo album. Like many of us, 2020 could be considered one of those years I’d like to forget. A global pandemic, more divisive politics than I've ever experienced, a drive for social justice - and the government and societal response to that, record unemployment, remote learning for our children forcing parents to become teachers, record natural disasters, and a marked lack of travel photos…it has been quite the year. Given all this, I had pretty minimal expectations for my 2020 photo album.

From Inception to Launch

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Although there are a variety of reasons why a company or group of companies may choose to form an industry association, the underlying reason is typically related to the collective benefit that comes from the desire to advance and propel a technology within the industry. Forming an industry association provides a neutral environment for competing companies to expand a technology that will better serve the industry, as well as their respective companies.